Seyoung Jang

Pick UP (2022)


Pick is an 3D collaborative thesis film I’ve created for Savannah College of Arts and Design with Rufina Lusida. My job as an as a Co-Director& Art Director, I made sure that the story delivers effectively while not losing it’s artistic direction. The production team was created with multiple artists and collaborators from various countries.


Jonah, a high school drama club enthusiast, has a crush on his class mate, Beth; the school volleyball captain. Feeling uneasy to reach out to her as himself, he fantasizes acting in different personas to catch her attention. Little does he know, they both share the same feeling until an unexpected incident brings them together.



Character Design

Character Models


Visual Development for Environment

Final Screengrab

Director & Art director: Seyoung Jang / Director & Animation director: Rufina Lusida / Producer: Nicolle Monroy Galeotti / Music composer: Stuart Bramwell / Sound supervisor & Re-recording mixer: Alwyn Tay / Lead Environment modeler: Andres Ayala / Character modeler & Rigger: Kenny Oramasionwu / Character texture artist: Tianyu (Tracey) Wang / Lead texture artist: Rebecca Lau / Lead lighting artist: Alyssa Larason / Voice actor: Al George & Coleton BryanROOT : Director & Art director, character designer: Seyoung Jang / Produced by Brittani Singleton / Music by Stuart Bramwell / Music mixed by Jake Jackson- Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London/ Sound by Alwyn Tay / Visual Development by Ara Koh, Chanju Park/ Visual Effects by Ryen Gobel/ Composited by Julianne Chute / Produced at SCAD ATLANTA