Seyoung Jang

ROOT (2022)


ROOT is an 2D collaborative thesis film I’ve created for Savannah College of Arts and Design. As a Director/ Art Director, my job was to make sure the story delivers effectively while not losing it’s artistic direction. The production team was created with multiple artists and collaborators from various countries.


Root is a magical journey about Hana, exploring the world and struggling to expand her boundaries. Hana and the characters all face difficulties accepting each other over their difference. However, they all come to accept one another after realizing what they all have in common.


Character Design


Visual Development for Environment

Final Screengrab

ROOT: Orchestral Recording- Stuart Bramwell

ROOT : Director & Art director, character designer: Seyoung Jang / Produced by Brittani Singleton / Music by Stuart Bramwell / Music mixed by Jake Jackson- Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London/ Sound by Alwyn Tay / Visual Development by Ara Koh, Chanju Park/ Visual Effects by Ryen Gobel/ Composited by Julianne Chute / Produced at SCAD ATLANTA